Getting a handle on our emissions.

Since 2009, we have eliminated 62,226 metric tons of normalized carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e). This is equal to the amount emitted annually by 13,100 vehicles* or the consumption of 7,001,913 gallons of gasoline*.


*Vehicle and gasoline data conversions were calculated using tools.




Innovation counts on it.

We rely on the world around us for nourishment in every facet of life. Its beauty inspires new ideas. Its riches provide the resources we need to build and thrive.

At Plexus, we hold ourselves accountable for doing what we can every day to safeguard our environment – for the sake of brighter ideas and a better tomorrow.

We’re innovators through and through. What drives our product development also carries over to our environmental sustainability efforts; it’s continuous improvement and always seeking a better way.  As we achieve our goals, we set our sights on even more challenging objectives. We have adopted a global environmental management system that helps to guide and monitor our progress.

Forward-looking goals for sustainability:

• Environmental stewardship  •   Efficient use of resources  •   Increase profitability

Combining the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 with our corporate policies and initiatives, all Plexus manufacturing locations worldwide apply our global environmental management system. This framework helps us identify areas of risk and cost exposure at each unique location, which allows us to set site-specific objectives and targets to mitigate those risks.

Our environmental sustainability program review is performed at least annually, if not more often. Regular reviews allow for timely adjustments to our overall sustainability strategy, and aligns our goals and progress with the current business environment, long-term direction and emerging concerns.

Plexus Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement

Reducing waste with a mindful production.

Waste reduction form 2011 through 2014


Recycling paper and saving so much more. 

Recycling Paper