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Partnering With Plexus

Discover why healthcare, life sciences and medical industry leaders trust Plexus to bring their products to market. We utilize our 30 years of experience in the healthcare, life sciences and medical industries to help you gain a global competitive advantage. When partnering with Plexus, you gain a collaborative partner who will support you across your product's lifecycle, from global engineering, supply chain management and manufacturing solutions continuing through aftermarket services.

We Understand Your Market Needs

Our ISO 13485 and QSR compliant global manufacturing and engineering facilities support you in both your established and emerging markets.  We have industry leading experience in engineering and manufacturing of FDA Class II and Class III systems. As our partner, you'll leverage our experience and engineering expertise in healthcare, life science and medical product design, development and testing. Your product will be realized by a dedicated engineering team committed to excellence with expertise in integrating leading edge technologies. In addition, you benefit from optimized supply chain and manufacturing solutions that save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

With our market understanding and capabilities, Plexus can help you:

  • Decrease time to market to gain market share
  • Reduce your cost pressures by reducing your fixed costs
  • Support the continually evolving global regulatory environment
  • Redesign products for new and emerging markets
  • Support your product throughout its lifecycle
  • Implement supply chain solutions to mitigate the risk of forecast variability

Product Experience

Put Plexus' demonstrated success across a wide range of healthcare and life sciences products to work for your customers:



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