Supporting Your Products

At Plexus, we create value for our customers when we ship quality products, on time and at the right price. We strive to engage with customers that are interested in creating collaborative partnerships that increase your market share. At Plexus, you get comprehensive support across your product’s lifecycle, from global engineering and manufacturing solutions to aftermarket services that sustain your products globally.

We Understand Your Market Needs

The Industrial/Commercial market sector team at Plexus recognizes that end markets are often volatile, with rapid changes in demand. We also understand the importance of quality and time-to-market in achieving your financial success. Plexus offers the expertise and convenience of a single point of contact specifically focused on your end markets. 

Plexus excels in this space by leveraging:

  • Product development engineering
  • Flexible supply chain solutions targeted to high mix and low volume products
  • Supply base and manufacturing operations geared towards complex electromechanical assemblies 
  • A dedicated transition team to ensure lowest risk of transition to achieve your objectives
  • A commercialization skillset for fastest time-to-market, smoothest pilot and lowest total landed cost
  • Passionate and customer-focused people

Product Experience

Whether you're a global conglomerate or niche player, Plexus has the experience you need to get ahead. Our focus includes:

Semiconductor Equipment