Microelectronics Center of Excellence

The interconnect density and complexity of electronic products continue to evolve becoming smaller, faster and more advanced. At Plexus, we support our customers' needs to develop their next generation products. We believe in partnering with our customers to develop the best solution that increases performance while reducing cost.

Our Microelectronics Center of Excellence features a class 10k cleanroom where a team of experts utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure throughput and accuracy. Continuous flow production methods increase quality while improving a product's time to market. To ensure objectives are met, a project manager works with each customer to certify all deliverables are completed on track for the duration of the project.

Summary of Microelectronics Capabilities

  • Fine pitch SMT (FC and 01005)
  • N2 die or wafer storage
  • Die attach: high accuracy and high speed
  • Flip chip attach: high accuracy, fine pitch
  • ACF, high Pb, Pb free and copper pillar
  • Gold stud bumping
  • Wire, wedge and ribbon bonding
  • Plasma clean
  • Encapsulation of underfill
  • Conformal coating
  • Complex higher level assembly