From Ideas to Products

Of all phases in the Product Realization Value Stream, Commercialize is most critical for converting your ideas into viable products. Commercialization starts very early in the design phase and extends through manufacturing transition. Too often design teams focus almost exclusively on meeting the functional product requirements, and leave consideration for the downstream aspects of product realization for later. This inevitably results in costly and unexpected product respins and lengthy schedule delays. Plexus’ 30+ years and hundreds of products’ worth of experience bringing products through the New Product Introduction cycle has resulted in a Product Realization process that considers all aspects of product ownership.

The goal for the Commercialize phase is to deliver a product that:

  • Meets your targets for unit cost and quality
  • Hits your target market window
  • Can be produced reliably, repeatedly and in a way that can scale to meet your end market demands
  • Has an intelligently designed supply chain
  • Achieves the lowest total cost of ownership for both product introduction and over the product’s lifecycle

Specific services provided as part of the Commercialization of your product include:

Design for Excellence (DFX)

Plexus’ Design for Excellence service ensures that we are building the right input into the design, at the most efficient point in the process. We provide these services for both Plexus-designed as well as customer-designed products. When Plexus is designing the product, the interface touch points are built into the process. Our customers’ design teams can also leverage these services through their Project Manager contact.

Design solutions

Design for Test

Design for testability involves the examination of a board-level product for issues that will affect the ability of process test equipment to detect manufacturing defects. The Schematic and Access reviews focus on ICT electrical testing, while the Strategy Analysis provides a more holistic view based on combinations of AOI, AXI, ICT as well as variants of Boundary Scan and Flying Probe. To achieve optimum results for a given assembly, DFT analysis is best performed at several points within the design cycle and is iterative in nature.

Specific DFT services include:

  • Strategy Analysis
  • Strategy Simulation Analysis
  • Schematic Analysis
  • Access Analysis

Design for Manufacturability/Assembly

Throughout the design process, we proactively work to influence the product to ensure that the production and assembly process is as smooth as possible. Over 30+ years of production experience, we have created time-tested DFM and DFA guidelines to ensure our reviews are thorough and accurate.

Design for Fabrication

We utilize tools, custom scripts and electronic rules files to simulate the assembly and fabrication results prior to actual prototyping/pilot production activities. This enables us to confirm that our boards are manufacturable, our land patterns will promote effective soldering, and other critical aspects of the production process are aligned.

Design for Supply Chain

We develop supply chains early in the process, often locating supply close to manufacturing to minimize cost, maximize flexibility and improve time-to-market. With every component selection our design engineers make, we leverage our extensive Plexus Preferred partners from around the globe and turn to our customer’s Approved Vendor List (AVL) as needed.

Our process takes into account:

  • RoHS compliance
  • Product/component lifecycle
  • Supplier qualification and quality
  • Risk mitigation
  • Specialized services (3rd party test labs, etc.)
  • Service and repair
  • Long-leadtime purchase
  • Configure To Order and Direct Order Fulfillment needs
Test Development

Plexus provides full turnkey test development solutions, including in-circuit, board and system-level testing, for both Plexus design and customer design products.

With world-class test solutions to support manufacturing, Plexus implements the appropriate test technologies to give our customers the competitive advantage in time to market and flexibility. Plexus develops a manufacturing test strategy with the right mix of automated test and inspection methods to accelerate introduction and optimize the product life cycle.  To maximize the return on investment (ROI) for our customers, Plexus will analyze the product design and distributed test strategy to evaluate the test coverage and economic trade-offs of each platform. Plexus maintains a comprehensive suite of software tools to intelligently plan the manufacturing strategy that tests important aspects of product quality and functionality. 

Plexus test solutions include:

  • Test Strategies 
  • In-circuit Test 
  • Functional Test 
  • Boundary Scan 
  • Environmental Stress Screening

Plexus guarantees test coverage and performance through our closed-loop design process. A comprehensive design plan clearly defines the intended uses and design requirements. We confirm results with strict verification and validation of each test system. Dedicated Project Managers closely monitor every aspect of test development to transparently deploy leading-edge test solutions into manufacturing, on time for your production schedule.

Manufacturing Transition

With over a thousand highly successful transitions completed to date, we have the experience, processes and knowledge to effectively transition your product into production. You might be shifting product from in-house manufacturing or a competitor production facility, from one Plexus facility to another or bringing the product through the Plexus Product Realization process and into production. Regardless, our dedicated transition team gets your program off to a strong start, by closely managing the time, cost and quality objectives for the program through each step of the transition. Each transition is managed through our globally documented process which outlines in great detail the steps required for a successful transfer.