Tailored Solutions

Every engineering design begins with a conceptual phase in which ideas are created and evaluated. During this stage, Plexus helps you hone in on a high-level architecture for your product and clarify your operational requirements. Through discussions, analysis and prototyping, your product’s desired look and feel begin to take shape.

With Plexus, you retain full intellectual property ownership of your concepts and products. You completely control product features, functionality and unit cost management. We’ll work with you to create business opportunities and improve your competitiveness by raising your competitors’ barrier to entry, allowing for increased revenue, including through licensing.

When you begin your collaboration with Plexus, you may already have a detailed vision for how your product should operate. Or you may have only a vague idea of what you want to create. No matter what stage your concept may be in, Plexus can help you bring it to life. We tailor solutions to meet your needs by carefully considering:

  • Stakeholder goals
  • Applicable constraints
  • Human factors
  • Technology challenges
  • Aesthetics
  • Branding
  • Cost drivers
  • Business and intellectual property opportunities

During the conceptual phase, you'll work closely with our team of industrial designers. They'll help you to see your product through end users' eyes with a focus on ergonomics, use case research, user interface, aesthetics and evaluation mockups. In many cases, they'll expand your creative horizons by generating new ideas and possibilities. Through close attention to user interaction, they’ll define product behavior that enhances performance, reducing the risk of usability errors while creating an aesthetic that builds brand recognition and emotional appeal.

Once the concepts are evaluated, the industrial design team creates prototypes of your most promising designs and in future phases works concurrently with engineering and manufacturing teams to maintain design intent while realizing the final product solution.

Concept Convergence

Plexus’ Concept Convergence process reaches into a client’s organization, tapping into all of your stakeholders, to create an understanding of the vision for your product.

Learn more about Plexus’ four stage Concept Convergence process.