Global Fulfillment

At Plexus, we understand your need for a flexible, responsive, scalable and global fulfillment operation. We meet your challenges and drive down your total cost of ownership by integrating:

  • Lean, global manufacturing solutions
  • Data-driven supply chain solutions
  • A common, globally integrated IT toolset
  • A worldwide logistics network

By leveraging our expertise and resources, you save on warehousing, material handling and inventory management. You can also demonstrate your commitment to corporate responsibility by taking advantage of our customized, reusable packaging solutions.

Build to Order, Configure to Order and Direct Order Fulfillment

Our Build to Order (BTO) and Configure to Order (CTO) capabilities allow you to customize each order to your exact specifications. Using our Direct Order Fulfillment (DOF) model, where we deliver your product directly to your end customer, helps you stay a step ahead of market changes.

Our DOF strategies will:

  • Reduce time to your end customer by integrating your shipping requirements directly into our systems
  • Minimize inventory on your balance sheet
  • Drive important cost-saving measures

Logistics Management

Build brand loyalty by delivering quality products to your customers everywhere. Plexus' fulfillment solutions save you money by allowing you to leverage pre-negotiated rates with our third-party logistics partners. Our common IT platform, tools and processes ensure that your orders are filled accurately and shipped quickly to your customers around the globe.