An Optimized Approach 

With Plexus, your product is manufactured using an optimized approach, not a one-size-fits-all model. We design scalable solutions that have the flexibility and agility to meet your needs. We are exclusively focused on mid-low volume, higher-complexity programs ranging from printed circuit board assemblies to finished electro-mechanical products. Our unique focus-factory model provides you with a dedicated team to drive your program's success while saving you time and money. We operate within a continuous improvement culture that places you at the center of our operations. 

Global Footprint 

We work with you to select global manufacturing locations that maximize your competitive advantage. Whether you're manufacturing in a single region or at plants around the world, we strive to provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership by keeping production near your end markets. Throughout our regions, we are focused on deploying globally integrated common toolsets that ensure consistency, control and visibility of your program's real-time data. 

Advanced, Globally Consistent Tools 

With Plexus, you'll have access to our powerful, globally integrated toolset, including our Enterprise Resource Planning, Global Shop Floor, Warehouse Management and Product Data Management systems. Each provides unique benefits, but together they offer: 

  • Visibility across global manufacturing sites 
  • Common processes to drive production 
  • Access to real-time data 
  • Consistency in planning and execution of your manufacturing solution 
  • Ability to seamlessly transfer products from site-to-site or region-to-region 

Assembly Spectrum

To bring your product to market, Plexus offers a full spectrum of assembly capabilities. You'll have access to the best practices and most advanced technologies in your industry as well as the opportunity to leverage innovations from other market sectors. From small-scale microelectronics to printed circuit boards to system integration and large-form Mechatronics, we have the depth of experience to meet your needs. 

Customer-Focused Model 

Plexus' customer management team acts as an extension of your company and is accountable for creating a successful business partnership focused on exceeding your needs. Our focus-factory teams develop a deep understanding of your product, flow and processes. We strive to maintain close communication at all levels in order to overcome challenges quickly while responding to your evolving business demands.