Microelectronics Center of Excellence

The interconnect density and complexity of electronic products continue to evolve; becoming smaller, faster and more advanced. At Plexus, we support our customers' needs to develop their next generation of high-reliability microelectronics products with our industry-leading technical support across a broad range of markets including aerospace and defense, communications, industrial and healthcare. We believe in partnering with our customers to develop an optimal solution that increases performance while reducing cost.

Our Microelectronics Center of Excellence features a class 10k cleanroom where our teams of experts utilize the latest process development techniques and manufacturing technologies to ensure the highest level of throughput yield and accuracy. Our continuous flow production methods increase quality while improving a product's time to market. To ensure objectives are met, our Integration Engineers use a well-defined phase-gate approach to work closely with each customer to certify all deliverables are completed on track for the duration of the project.

Summary of Microelectronics Capabilities

  • Full-service microelectronics provider
  • Custom packaging & process development
  • 200+ years combined microelectronic/semiconductor technical knowledge and experience
  • High mix/low-to-medium volume support
  • Prototype to production volumes
  • Full suite of design services (system architecture, hardware/software/mechanical, substrate layout, signal/power integrity analysis, thermal analysis, materials selection)
  • Hybrids and mixed technology assemblies (“die-to-system” integration, multi-chip module (MCM)/system-in-package (SIP), RF Modules/MMICs, MEMS device packaging,3D packaging, optoelectronics/imaging devices)

Summary of Capabilities

  • Flip chip attach (high accuracy, high speed fine pitch, 01005)
  • Thermosonic/Ultrasonic
  • Die Attach (Eutectic, Epoxy, Silver Glass)
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic wire bonding (gold ball/wedge, ribbon – Au or Al)
  • Chip-on-Substrate (Rigid, Rigid-Flex, FR4 and 5, Rogers, BT, Flex, Ceramic)
  • Gold stud bumping
  • ACF, high Pb, Pb free and copper pillar
  • N2 die or wafer storage
  • Plasma clean
  • Encapsulation, glob top, underfill, dam and fill, conformal coating
  • Ball grid array
  • Leadless chip carrier


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 7 (Class 10k) clean room
  • IPC J-STD-001ES space-level soldering
  • DoD DMEA Accredited Trusted Source
  • Counterfeit parts prevention
  • Lean culture and methodologies
  • World class supply chain
  • Materials/obsolescence management

In-Process Inspections

  • Wire bond pull and die shear strength tests
  • Inspection and validation (optical gaging product with high accuracy “Smartscope TM”, optical inspection scopes-network linked, X-Ray systems, Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM), XRF plating thickness measurement system, IR microscopes for “through-die” imaging, contact angle measurement for cleanliness testing, reliability testing)

Environmental Testing

  • Temperature & Humidity chambers with variable conditions
    • Temp cycle – (slow ramp – degrees per min) -55º to +150ºC
    • All Mil and commercial specs
    • Temp cycle ( -55º to +150ºC)  Mil-Std-883 Condition 1010 and equivalent
    • 85ºC/85 RH – Unbiased (Biased possible with card cage purchase)
    • 60ºC/85 RH – Unbiased or Biased
    • Bake Ovens – 125º and 150º C (or other temps as needed)
    • Shock and Vibe Testing

Failure Analysis

  • Very high magnification (up to 2500X) - 3D digital stitching microscope
  • World class CT/3D capable X-Ray (highest resolution possible)
  • Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) capability
  • Wire pull/ball shear testers (macro/micro)
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM) - largest platform made
  • Force and strain gauge characterization capability for manufacturing and test process validation
  • Fischer XRF plating thickness and elemental validation system
  • Brookfield Viscometer - for viscosity investigation
  • Goniometer Contact Angle measurement system
  • Gross Leak (bubble) tester for cavity packages
  • Full complement of cross-section equipment
  • Very high magnification metallurgical scopes
  • Chemical hood with de-cap capability
  • SEM / EDS
  • Ion chromatography