Innovative engineering solutions for your most complex product challenges.

Tap into the creative expertise of our global team of engineers.

When you partner with Plexus for Design and Development, you’re adding a global team of approximately 600 engineers to your own organization. We’ll take the time to understand your customers and business goals, working side by side with you to bring your product from concept to reality. At Plexus, our culture is built on engineering, with a heritage of problem-solving that extends throughout everything we do. Our Design and Development teams thrive on finding answers to highly complex product challenges, and we’ve built a reputation for consistently coming through with innovative design and engineering solutions, even when others can’t.

The Plexus Design and Development team is experienced in every aspect of engineering, design and quality assurance for highly complex products in the Industrial, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Aerospace and Defense market sectors.

Focused across multiple disciplines.

Software Engineering

At Plexus, we have an expert team of software engineers ready to support your product needs in highly regulated industries. From graphical user interfaces and device-embedded software, to safety-critical systems and complex real-time controls, our team is passionate about delivering software engineering solutions of the highest quality. We continually explore the latest innovations in software technology to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Key areas of focus:
  • Use-case/requirements capture
  • Software architecture design
  • Microprocessor/DSP expertise
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Device driver development
  • Real-time computing
  • Collaborative prototyping for customer feedback and risk reduction
  • Extensive RTOS experience
  • UML-based, object-oriented approach
User Centered Design

At Plexus, we believe in human-centered design. When we understand the human factors — what motivates your end user — that’s what empowers ideation and allows us to deliver on the promise of your brand. Conceptual or industrial design is so much more than great aesthetics. It’s research, strategy and design working together in harmony. It’s about understanding your business opportunity and end user needs, then creating a meaningful product experience that will improve people’s lives.

Key areas of focus:
  • Persona creation
  • Journey map development
  • Brand development and refinement
  • Market landscape assessment
  • Technology audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Rapid prototyping
Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering teams bring a depth of experience and understanding that allows us to efficiently take your product from the conceptual to the tangible. We use advanced analysis tools and techniques to ensure quality. We leverage close manufacturing and supply chain partnerships to be sure we’re designing your product for ease of assembly and manufacturing. And we’ll complement your team with experience that spans industries and expertise in advanced technologies, materials and fabrication techniques.

Key areas of focus:
  • Automated product design/robotics
  • Complex part design
  • Robust enclosures
  • Precision mechanisms
  • Mechatronics/fluidics
  • Injection molded plastics/die-cast/extrusions
  • Mold-flow analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Thermal analysis
Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering teams are highly experienced in complex digital and analog design, with a thorough understanding of industry trends and regulations. When you partner with Plexus, we’ll put all that experience to work on your behalf. Our process is designed to drive a seamless transition from design into a printed circuit board that meets all industry standards for fabrication, assembly, test, time-to-market and unit cost requirements.

Analog areas of focus:
  • Precision circuit design
  • Signal conditioning
  • Control systems
  • Power supplies (mW, kW)
  • RF/antenna design
  • EMC expertise
  • Microelectronics engineering

Digital areas of focus:
  • Processor-based board design
  • FPGA design/verification
  • High-speed design
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Systems architecture
  • Timing analysis
Quality Engineering and compliance expertise

With the highly complex products you’re developing, quality and reliability can’t be compromised. Especially in markets with very demanding regulatory requirements. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining deep expertise in quality engineering and compliance. From reliability prediction and testing, to prototyping and component engineering, we examine every detail of your design to ensure the highest level of quality.

Key areas of focus:
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Verification planning/testing
  • Reliability evaluation
  • HALT/HASS assessment
  • Design control support
Project Management

A differentiated part of our Design and Development team’s success comes from the leadership of our project management team. At Plexus, we employ a project management methodology that’s robust, yet flexible. Our process and tools ensure a high level of collaboration, continual focus on the customer, and a consistent point of accountability throughout your project. Plexus project managers are leaders who ensure that we deliver on our commitments to you.

Key areas of focus:
  • Project planning and execution
  • Project risk management
  • Driving to requirements
  • Ensuring time-to-market
  • Total cost management
  • Proactive communication

Best-in-class engineers.

At Plexus, we have a global team of experienced, highly skilled engineers. With a long history of complex product development across many industries, we’ve gained a reputation for solving the tough engineering problems others can’t. We all share a dedicated focus on the highest level of customer service. And we’re committed to the kind of collaboration that makes us a true extension of your team.

Fully integrated global process.

We’ve designed our process to allow seamless integrated engineering across all of our teams and global locations. Because we have the same tools and processes in place across the world, our engineers can work together no matter their location. And Design and Development works hand-in-hand with our Supply Chain Solutions, Test, Transition and Manufacturing teams to optimize cost and accelerate time to market.

Proven ability to execute.

We’ve been creating complex products since 1979. Since then, we’ve developed a strong record of success and pride ourselves on the repeat business we enjoy from a long list of satisfied customers. Our reputation is driven by teams committed to seeing our customers succeed, and our customers have confidence in us to get their products to market quickly while still meeting their needs for quality and cost. Because when we say we’ll do it, we do.
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