Because excellence means getting it right the first time.

Product optimization across all phases of Design and Development.

At Plexus, we’re relentlessly focused on providing world-class service that shortens your time to market and optimizes your total cost of ownership. That’s why we provide our customers with dedicated design for excellence (DFX) services and capabilities. When you integrate DFX into your development cycles, you can eliminate surprises in new product introduction — which can be the difference between launching on time and missing a market opportunity entirely.

Early risk mitigation.

Tight schedules, budget pressures or a narrow focus on form and function sometimes tempt companies to overlook design for excellence. That’s almost always a costly mistake. The results can be disastrous — added product redesign cycles, higher probability of quality defects, missing cost targets. It can seriously hamper scaling up your manufacturing or create challenges in sustaining your product. Integrating DFX early on allows us to mitigate those risks to ensure a successful product launch.

Collaboration and customization.

Our DFX services bring everyone that's critical to flawlessly launching your product into the development cycle. Downstream stakeholders including — Supply Chain Solutions, Test, Manufacturing and Aftermarket Services — bring valuable, specific insight to the impact of initial design on later stages. Because we’re passionate about delivering the highest level of service, we’ll develop an integrated DFX solution that’s customized to your unique design process and engineering culture.

Proprietary, experience-based DFX ruleset.

The heart of our DFX services is a proprietary set of guidelines, based not only on industry standards, but on an empirical dataset culled from our own extensive product portfolio. That means you’re benefiting from our real-world, collective wisdom, generated by years of product launches across markets and spanning various technologies. We’ll leverage all of that understanding to help increase your competitive advantage.

Our secret ingredient for a successful product launch.

Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for successfully taking products all the way from concept to launch as a full product realization partner. Our secret? It’s many things, but one of them is seamless integration of our design for excellence (DFX) services with our internal Design and Development teams. DFX is built into our phase-gate design process, and our development engineers all share deep understanding of our DFX services. We’re also able to support our customers — especially those who may maintain primary design ownership — by bringing that same level of collaboration to our customer partnerships.

An integrated DFX partnership.

When you partner with Plexus for DFX, our team will work side-by-side with your Design and Development team. This creates a comprehensive engagement model that’s optimized for your organization. You’ll maximize the benefits of DFX during design, minimize hidden risk that can show up during launch, and maintain your accelerated time to market.

Case Study: Seamless DFX integration reduces cost and time to market.

A global Plexus customer was under pressure to develop their next generation product within a critical time-to-market window and below a competitive cost target. They had tried to speed up development and lower costs by eliminating less-critical product features and adding engineering support. But they were still missing their market launch targets, and they were plagued by manufacturability and supply chain challenges. The customer realized they needed a new approach. That’s when they came to Plexus.

First, we collaborated with the customer to gain a true understanding of the underlying issues. We soon recognized that we needed to pull key stakeholders into the design cycle. And this critical stakeholder relationship couldn’t just be transactional. It needed to be a consistent partnership throughout  development. Subject-matter experts from both of our teams worked closely together to identify which DFX services mapped to key points in the customer’s product development process. We defined key roles, responsibilities and an underlying commercial model. Our integrated partnership empowered the customer’s team to incorporate DFX consistently on all products moving forward. Ultimately, they were able to significantly improve product cost and time to market in their new product introductions.

Committed to our customers’ success.

Nothing is more important to Plexus than the success of our customers. That’s why we’re committed to extending proven product realization solutions like DFX to your design teams. By clearly understanding how you develop products, we can determine the right DFX services to maximize benefits early in the design process. We can then minimize risk downstream in your new product introductions. In addition, we can develop a customized engagement model that simplifies adoption into your engineering culture and helps you ensure consistent results.
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