Helping you protect what’s most valuable.

Partnering to bring advanced security products to life.

As global threats increase, advanced security technologies play a critical role in our lives. From cyber security and counter-terror intelligence, to mass transit, aviation and border security, we rely on the products you’re creating to keep us safe. To protect public spaces, guard private information and secure our identities. To monitor, detect and prepare for threats against our data and infrastructure, our cities, nations and people. At Plexus, we understand what you’re creating is the freedom to live our lives without fear. We’re committed to being your most trusted partner to bring that to the world.

Full product development for highly complex security technologies.

At Plexus, we’re dedicated to being your single-source partner, with all the expertise necessary to make your most complex security products a reality. All of our processes are designed to ensure that you get your product to market on time, at a lower total cost and with the highest quality and reliability. As threats evolve, hackers become more sophisticated and terrorism impacts our neighborhoods. We understand how crucial security products are in today’s world and that we’re trusting them to protect us in our homes, in public and online. We’ve put processes in place to not only provide end-to-end product development, but make sure we get your product right the first time. Every time.


Experience and Expertise

Security market experience.

Experience in the Security market includes:

  • CBRN
  • Cyber security
  • Aviation security
  • Secure communications
  • Mass transit security
  • Maritime security
  • Counter-terror intelligence
  • Border and infrastructure security
  • Safety and first responder systems
Technical expertise.

A broad range of technical expertise and capabilities, including:

  • Engineering Design and Development
  • Enhanced design for excellence (DFX) analysis tools to enable rapid market deployment and a reliable solution optimized for manufacturability and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Security-focused engineering supporting early engagement, commercialization and product design
  • Focus on software (FPGA) development
  • Microelectronics Center of Excellence featuring DoD Trusted Source Accreditation
  • Dedicated turnkey New Product Introduction support
  • Worst-case circuit analysis (WCCA) to identify and eliminate potential defects or deficiencies
  • Flexible work cell configurations to ensure quality products that work the first time, every time
    • Conformal coating
    • Tinning
    • In-line inspection
  • Failure analysis lab
    • Gold mitigation
    • XRF testing
    • High power microscopy
  • Product assurance test solutions
    • Environmental
    • HALT
    • HASS
  • Aftermarket Services solutions
    • Decontamination
    • Upgrade
    • Repair
    • Overhaul
  • Security industry specific Supply Chain Solutions
    • Time to market
    • Counterfeit prevention
    • Obsolescence management
    • Conflict material avoidance
    • Modernization
  • Scanning solutions, imaging, biometrics and x-ray
  • Full system manufacturing
  • Dedicated New Product Introduction support to validate emerging technologies

Regulatory expertise and compliance. 

There’s no room for error or compromise when you’re creating the advanced security systems we rely on for our safety. We know how much is depending on getting your product right, and we’re committed to fully understanding and adhering to the regulatory demands of your industry.

  • AS9100 (design and manufacturing)
  • Nadcap
  • ITAR and EAR Compliance
  • CAS Compliance
  • FAA FAR 145
  • EASA
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • IPC 610 Class II and III
  • IPC J-STD-001
  • IPC J-STD-001FS
  • DoD Trusted Source Accreditation
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