Focused on your supply chain from
the very beginning.

Supporting your supply chain needs from the initial concept to end-of-life.

When you’re looking for a supplier, you need a team of experts who are ready to go the extra mile. A partner who truly understands the needs of your business and the technology of your products. A group of skilled, trusted and passionate professionals who have the resources and connections in place to create just the right solution. Look no further than Plexus.

Proactive risk mitigation.

In a connected world influenced by global markets, there will always be some level of supply chain volatility. Predicting and managing the risks associated with these disruptive forces are fundamental to what we do. You need an experienced partner who can provide a proactive approach to your supply chain. With Plexus, you’ll get a devoted team of experts ready to take on even the toughest programs.

Talented team of experts.

We strive to find the best and brightest talent. People who are extremely passionate about the supply chain industry. Professionals with the vitality, energy and innovation to help your project succeed. Here you’ll find hundreds of skilled individuals at the ready: to listen to your needs, to collaborate with your team and to create a flexible, cost-effective solution that will last.

Experienced across industries.

Our customers range from healthcare companies to aerospace organizations; from helping the world communicate to supporting new developments within the oil and gas industry. Our supply chain experience is expansive and we’re always excited to take on new challenges. At Plexus, we’re fully invested in understanding your supply chain needs to build just the right solution - because we’ve done it countless times before.

We’ll combine our skills and knowledge to craft your best solution.

At Plexus, you’ll find a different kind of supply chain partner. One who is friendly, open and transparent. The wealth of expertise of our teams — combined with our collaborative, customer-focused approach — ensures we go above and beyond to find the right solution to meet your needs. We’ll establish shared goals and strive to achieve them in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Experience and Expertise

Customer collaboration

We’ve adopted a very open and inclusive approach to supply chain collaboration. This process-based model takes advantage of the diversity within each of our enterprises to consistently deliver the most robust creative outcomes — all while predicting and managing the associated risks that go along with them.

Our unique approach allows us to enhance each other’s capabilities by making collaborative sourcing decisions that are based on a common vision. The outcome is a scalable solution that can be tailored to meet your evolving needs.

Supplier partnerships

Plexus is a demand generator. Our industry presence and global scale has enabled us to grow executive-level partnerships with the very best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. We collaborate with the brightest, most forward-looking organizations that align with our business model and culture.

The benefits of these relationships are expansive. Just some of these are preferential pricing, delivery and accommodations for upsides, mitigations against downsides and a collaborative approach to technology development and roadmap alignment.
Design for Supply Chain

We take a holistic approach to your solution. Working closely with our design experts, our team will ensure your product is developed with its supply chain in mind. Every customer is assigned dedicated product development and sourcing experts with the autonomy to operate across all functions — from engineering and customer management to manufacturing and costing.

Our development process uses checks and balances while keeping a specific focus on the end goal of exceeding your expectations and requirements. This helps ensure we deliver each project to market on time and at cost. Learn more
Leveraging Aftermarket Services support

Getting the product to market isn’t the finish line. Your customers’ experience highly depends on your ability to support your products long after the sale.

At Plexus, we have developed robust supply chain capabilities specialized for Aftermarket Services. We leverage these capabilities to provide end-of-life management for the product at the lowest predictable cost. Our teams have in-depth knowledge to design and execute strategic and tactical supply chain plans that ensure a trouble-free experience for you and your customers.

What our customers say.

Everyone I come in contact with are highly dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to deliver quality products. Under some of the most demanding conditions and seemingly impossible schedules, Plexus always gets the job done. Every company has its ups and downs, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. What makes Plexus stand out is their willingness to not give up and stick it out so everyone succeeds in the end.

Bruce Rockow, Operations Manager | Arris Solutions Inc.

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