Orchestrating a solution to support your end goals.

Where creating a supply chain solution goes beyond “off the shelf.”

At Plexus, we’ll listen to you and create a unique solution that is customized to your business and to your customers’ needs. We’ll work closely with you as a virtual extension of your own team, respecting and staying true to your core values along the way. Our focus is to create, build and deliver the final product to your end customer on time, at cost and to specification. Above all, our teams will ensure operational excellence and that the experience of working with Plexus has exceeded your every expectation.

Adapting to your unique needs.

The ability to adapt is increasingly important in an ever connected and competitive economy. Flexibility in your supply chain is critical to ensure market share, growth and success. With Plexus, you are partnering with a team who knows how to connect, compete and change. Our global organization has over 35 years of experience in solving our customers’ toughest supply chain challenges.

Passionate team of experts.

Who manages your supply chain matters. That’s why we seek to attract and retain the very best talent in the industry. We build our teams with experienced, energetic and passionate people you can trust, who truly believe that what they do makes a difference. Across the globe, skilled supply chain professionals are at the ready to listen to your needs and create flexible, long-lasting solutions. 

Proven ability to perform.

Challenge excites us. We’ve built a very unique yet diverse skill set through our experience in our three major market sectors: Industrial, Healthcare and Life Sciences and Aerospace and Defense. We’ve provided solutions for countless programs before but we’re never complacent. Each product has its own opportunities, and we thrive on turning those opportunities into reality.

Get the customized, flexible solution that your product deserves.

When a product deadline is at stake, there’s no time for hesitancy. From adapting to unforeseen obstacles to proactively identifying areas of cost reduction, Plexus will work with you to build a resilient solution.

Understanding your challenge.

  • The first step in any engagement is for our teams to listen to you to fully understand your needs. Then we’ll collaborate to build a dynamic supply chain that fits your unique program requirements. Our goals are to minimize your cost, mitigate risk and ensure supply chain continuity.

Providing proof of concept.

  • We’re focused on increasing your business’ potential for success. To achieve this, it is crucial to prove the product concept before scaling up commercially for the mainstream market. This is where our Supply Chain Solutions and Design and Development teams work hand-in-hand to help you excel.

Selecting the right suppliers.

  • Our teams ensure that we have the right strategic suppliers in place to provide just the right level of flexibility for your program. We consider our suppliers our partners - and we continuously build those relationships through development programs.

Indentifying spend distribution.

  • We leverage our relationships with our strategic partners to source the commodities you need responsibly. From there, we prioritize and focus our attention in the critical areas with the highest performing suppliers.

Optimizing your supply chain.

  • By modeling historical consumption patterns, our teams are able to predict variability in future consumption. Each supply chain is designed specifically for you to provide the level of service and flexibility necessary for your product with risk free transitions.

Finding the right cost.

  • We always strive to provide the lowest total cost of ownership while hitting the required delivery targets and maintaining service levels. We’ll track the market to predict product movement and ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

State-of-the-art tools.

  • Our teams use leading-edge, custom tools and processes to minimize waste. At Plexus, our culture is built around continuous improvement - and it shows. We routinely incorporate lean practices and share the benefits with customers.

Showing results.

  • You’ll see results with Plexus. We maintain a high level of service in a dynamic environment. We know it’s about more than getting your product to market on time and with zero defects. That’s why our teams are ready to manage your entire supply chain.

Providing aftermarket support.

  • Your product needs support long after the sale. We can manage your product’s end-of-life requirement at the lowest predictable cost. We’ll design and execute strategic and tactical supply chain plans to ensure a hassle-free experience.

What our customers say. 

“We transferred a product from a design firm to Plexus Corp. for manufacturing. The device required research and development to be completed, design for excellence (DFX) to be performed and a manufacturing line to be implemented. Plexus completed the work as promised within budget and time constraints. They provided routine and accurate updates and were a pleasure to work with.”

– Sr. Director of Supply Chain | Quidel Corporation
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