Supply chain risk management to protect your brand.

We’ll prepare for disruptions to your supply chain so you don’t have to.

At Plexus, we understand the challenges and risks involved with getting your product to market on time and at cost. We’re experienced in identifying these risks at an early stage and have the necessary tools, processes and people in place to mitigate any potential threats and impacts to your business. We embrace the challenge and take on this responsibility willingly. Our teams are skilled and passionate about supporting your full supply chain infrastructure, from the initial idea throughout the whole lifecycle of the product.

Prepared for your risk.

In a global economy where often the only true differentiators are time to market or brand reputation, who is managing your risk — and how? Our trusted team of experts is ready for deployment and eager to engage and solve for supply chain risk. At Plexus, we’re prepared to take the risk in your supply chain head on.

Skilled, proactive professionals.

The need for predictability and delivering innovative solutions at a fast pace is a must. Plexus has over 19,000 talented and energetic individuals prepared to act as an extension of your team to meet these needs. Our supply chain organization is hundreds strong, on both a global and regional scale, bringing decades of trusted experience in identifying and abating risk.

Industry-leading tools.

You can rest assured that your supply chain is safe with us. We use some of the very best tool sets within the industry, including proprietary software. Our people have a unique depth of skills, knowledge and experience that truly set us apart. The presence of risk is inevitable, but its effect on your products doesn’t have to be. Let Plexus manage your risk for you.

Using the latest tools and processes to protect against supply chain risk.

Increasing your competitive advantage is crucial in today’s global economy. Often the only true differentiating factors are time to market or brand reputation. That’s where Plexus can help. We have the tools and processes in place to help mitigate any potential risks and strengthen your supply chain.


  • Our proprietary software, ALARM™, is used for identifying and mitigating supply chain risk. It provides end-to-end visibility into current risks and can predict future supply base disruptions. Further, it includes internal and external threat analysis to provide a comprehensive picture.

Counterfeit protection.

  • We use zero tolerance policies to shield against the risks associated with counterfeit products entering our supply chain. These policies include broker elimination, detection, prevention and removal, as well as mitigation policies.

Market alerts.

  • Our real-time proprietary software - Market Alerts - is used to communicate internally whenever a significant risk event occurs. This allows us to identify those risks which may pose detrimental to Plexus, our suppliers or our customers, and find the solution to avoid them.

Trade compliance automations

  • Our teams have access to a suite of tools and services for global trade, supply chain visibility and import and export compliance. These cloud-based softwares include Amber Road, Macrolynk and Integration Point.

Government affairs

  • We proactively track government trends that may impact our supply chain. Our teams continuously track bills in federal and state legislatures, on topics such as labor, trade, compliance, privacy, taxation and consumer protection.

Managing Compliance

  • Plexus is committed to protecting your brand and reputation by deploying a comprehensive suite of management systems covering compliance. We understand complex, regulatory requirements and can help develop customized solutions for your needs.

Excess and obsolete management

  • When it comes to excess and obsolete visibility, dedicated material focus teams are equipped with the supply chain risk management tools needed to help optimize your planning, demand forecasting and replenishment processes, thus ensuring minimal disruption to your inventory anywhere around the world.

Transition management

  • We’ll manage the complexity and uncertainty involved in any transition. Whether ramping up production or moving manufacturing operations, we’ll help set expectations and enable strategic objectives with risk-free transactions. We work closely with our transition teams to ensure a successful change.

Digital supply chain

  • Digitalization makes the supply chain more agile, resilient and customer-focused. At Plexus, we employ business intelligence and advanced analytics to improve performance and manage the extended supply chain. We will provide you with data driven, predictive and prescriptive solutions that are highly accessible and visible.

What our customers say. 

“This is to extend our sincere appreciation to your team for the great support provided to GE Healthcare during the fulfillment crisis impacted by the typhoon Meranti in 2016! Your proven program management capability, excellent leadership support and fast and proactive response helped us mitigate the fulfillment risk and survive from year-end revenue miss. Thanks again for your professional teamwork!”

- Miranda Chen, Executive of Global Sourcing and Michael Hoge, Senior Executive of Manufacturing | GE Healthcare
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