We test your product to its limit so you don’t have to.

The right test solution ensures a flawless launch every time.

High quality and reliable products delivered on time matters. At Plexus, we provide you with a test solution that balances quality with investment and helps ensure zero defects, faster time to market, and lower product cost. Superior test engineering is key to giving you confidence in a flawless launch, every time.

Strategy for lowest total cost.

Standard manufacturing inspection strategies are often not enough for complex products. An inadequate test strategy can slow production and increase the chance of a quality issue, which would negatively impact your brand in the market. Plexus collaborates with our customers to customize a strategy that meets their product's launch timeline and volume needs.

Our test services.

Our test services encompass a wide range of methodologies including optical, x-ray, electrical, mechanical and environmental technologies. Our specialized engineers, technicians and operators are experts in realizing solutions; from simple standard technology PCBs to complex electromechanical systems, including fluidics and robotics.

Ease of integration.

Our test engineering methodology is geared towards your aggressive launch schedule. We accelerate by designing in parallel to product development while leveraging a blend of industry standard tools and a set of proven, proprietary software modules. In addition, our test solutions always include a direct integration into our exclusive manufacturing data collection system to provide unparalleled analytics and real-time monitoring of your product quality.

Early engagement drives successful test development.

Concurrent test engineering is an integral part of how Plexus develops innovative products. For our customers to be successful — it is no longer an option; it is an absolute necessity to be competitive. Our integrated test development approach considers all elements of the product lifecycle to ensure success from product introduction to high volume demand. This starts with a comprehensive test strategy that goes far beyond just choosing test techniques. In fact, our team focuses on doing the right things at the right times early in the product development.

To overcome engineering obstacles and ensure success, we help our customers avoid a silo mentality - which can lead to product delays and budget overruns. Our engineering experts have the experience to navigate the critical phases of product development to accelerate schedule and minimize time to product launch. We scale the structure of our engineering teams and their priorities to ensure we develop test solutions that fit the needs of your business — so you can satisfy ever-changing customer requirements and industry dynamics.

Case Study: An innovative test solution for a challenging situation.

Imagine being able to cut your test development cost in half, while maintaining the same or better test coverage. Through engagement with our test engineering team, that’s exactly what one customer did. This customer was unhappy with its incumbent supplier and wanted to partner with Plexus. Because of IP rights, they were unable to transfer or duplicate the existing test solution design.

They were facing a significant challenge to introduce a new supplier as quickly as possible with a limited budget and still achieve the required test coverage. Creating a test solution similar to the original design was thought to be the cheapest and fastest way to the goal. The existing test solution approach leveraged a complex custom PCBA (FPGA, electronic components), extensive product specific test software, and multiple “known-good” products to facilitate testing. It was a time consuming and costly solution to develop. The existing solution required costly recurring maintenance and had known reliability issues.

As Plexus evaluated the approach, it became clear that a change in direction was needed to achieve cost, schedule and reliability goals. The Plexus solution leveraged a fundamentally different approach, and at first, the customer’s team didn’t believe this solution was feasible. Through further explanation, collaboration and a lab mock-up, the customer’s team was thrilled with the approach and resulting benefits. The Plexus test solution completely changed their viewpoint of what was possible and significantly alleviated current challenges.

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