Technology for transportation and energy management. Bringing smarter, greener products to life.

Advanced transportation and energy management product development.

Energy management and transportation companies are living through a seismic shift. As individuals and organizations become increasingly active in efforts to protect and preserve our planet, mindsets and customer behaviors are changing rapidly. Sustainability matters more than ever. Our team will bring the expertise and capabilities in energy management product development and transportation technology solutions to help you keep pace. Whether you’re developing the next generation of rail transportation technology, electrified heavy equipment or innovative green-energy infrastructure, we’ll work as your true partner — adding our strength in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services to keep you out in front of your competition.

The world is changing. We’ll help your products change with it.

Train speeding down tracks

Transportation technology solutions to transform how we move people and products.

  • Electrification and power electronics
  • Safety equipment
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Trackside controls, sensors and signaling
On Train
  • Control panels
  • Audio visual panels
  • Passenger entertainment systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Air purification systems
  • Connectivity
Farmer in tractor

Delivering safety, reliability, durability and sustainability.

  • Asset tracking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Electrification and power electronics
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Safety systems, including automatic braking systems
  • Over-the-road and off-road
  • In-cabin features and connectivity
Electrician working on electrical grid

Enhancing energy management through smart technology.

  • Infrastructure equipment
  • Renewable energy
  • Power management
  • Clean technology
  • Oil and gas

Engineering Design and Development

  • Enhanced Design for Excellence (DFX) analysis tools, design for cost and sustainability
  • PCB design
  • Complex functional test development
  • Customized reliability testing
  • Microcontroller and microprocessor-based design
  • FPGA and SoC design
  • RF and antenna design
  • Power supply design and signal conditioning
  • Enclosure design
  • Environmental – HALT - HASS
  • Embedded software development / real-time operating systems
  • Thermal analysis and cooling solutions


Focused Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supply chain integration
  • Ethical sourcing / Conflict Mineral Policy
  • Component obsolescence mitigation
  • RoHS compliance


  • Dedicated transition management team
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • UL 508A panels
  • Large structural frame integration
  • High-power manufacturing and test

Regulatory Expertise

  • ATEX and explosive atmospheres
  • IRIS

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