Professional and personal development at every step of your career.

Developing thought leaders throughout Plexus.

At Plexus, development is a partnership. Team members are invited to work with their leaders to define goals that embody our Values and Leadership Behaviors, develop important competencies and leverage the knowledge and experience of other teammates for growth. Formal development plans are housed online and can be accessed by teammates at any point during their career journey. 

Accessible resources. Accelerated development.

We cultivate a learning culture through such tools as our internal training platform, our Leadership Development Library and the opportunity to engage in third party accredited development tools such as Harvard ManageMentor®.

Our Leadership Development Library is an online platform providing all employees access to development opportunities, classroom training, suggested reading and on-the-job assignments that are important to personal growth as well as our growth as a company.

We know that choosing a company at the very start of your career is a big decision. Our EMEA Graduate Program will give you essential experience and immerse you in a world of creativity and innovation.

We’re stronger when we’re connected.

Building relationships and working collaboratively is core to our values. By building a community within the workplace, we promote trust and teamwork. At Plexus, we offer informal and formal mentorship opportunities for team members to interact and collaborate with leaders throughout the organization.

Plexus Global Mentor Program

The Plexus Global Mentor Program provides an intentional way for participants to foster connections with leaders they may not otherwise interact with in order to support their ongoing development through coaching, experience sharing and guidance.

A runway for growth through new experiences.

We believe teammates accelerate their growth when they are exposed to new and formative experiences. Plexus offers multiple formal programs designed to equip participants with the critical leadership skills they need to embrace the challenges of our complex, ever-changing industry. One program unique to Plexus, Leadership Academy, allows team members to develop over 18 months alongside peers through safe and encouraging learning experiences.

Amy Siewert, Executive Assistant

“I cannot say enough good things about the Leadership Academy program at Plexus. This program allows aspiring or new leaders to take time to focus on the foundation of leadership and hone in on the skills needed to be a successful leader. At the time I started the program, I was not sure if I wanted to lead others and upon completing the program, I have no doubt a leadership role is within my future goals. I have learned and implemented foundational leadership skills, been pushed out of my comfort zone and have broaden my way of thinking.”



Specialized development for the future of our manufacturing leadership.

Our manufacturing organization plays a critical role in the success of our entire business. That’s why we want to make it a destination for our talent. Plexus has developed a program that ensures our future leaders have the necessary leadership and technical requirements to be successful as manufacturing leaders. The curriculum focuses on understanding our business, making complex decisions, being authentic, influencing others, optimizing diverse talent and focusing on performance.