Sustaining Services to extend product life
and enhance your customer experience.

Your product is your promise.

And when it’s in the hands of your customers, it needs to keep that promise—day in and day out. Our Sustaining Services team exists to make that possible, with a proactive approach to service that’s fully integrated with every aspect of product design, development and manufacturing. We’ll partner with you to design serviceability into your product from the beginning, proactively extend your product lifecycle and build long-term value for your brand.


Proactively sustain across your product lifecycle.

Sustaining services are about so much more than your cost of goods sold. We’ll bring intention and value to every stage of your product lifecycle—helping you reduce waste, satisfy your customers and generate revenue.


Avoid future issues. Design for Servicing and Sustainability.


Manufacture smartly. Build for serviceability.


Focus on customer satisfaction. Minimize product downtime. Exchange and repair.


Keep products in the market. Extend product life. Recover and reuse parts.


Find secondary markets. Decontaminate, repair and refurbish.


Minimize waste to landfill. Recycle and responsibly dispose.


Why Plexus Sustaining Services?


Your sustainability goals. On purpose.

From reducing waste, to designing for repair, reusability, recycling and appropriate end-of-life disposal—with Plexus you can build sustainability into your product at every stage, with a proactive strategy for service that aligns with your values and promotes a healthier world.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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