The safest place to be when you’re away from home.

The safest place to be when you're away from home.

Protecting our team members and those within our communities is essential. Plexus takes an adaptive and proactive approach to ensure all of our operations across the globe are conducted safely and responsibly. We are committed to providing a workplace that respects the health and safety of all those who work, visit or are contracted to provide a service in our facilities.

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Adaptable safety protocol is essential in our ever-changing world.

Adaptable safety protocol is essential in our ever-changing world.

Plexus continues to prioritize measures aimed to ensure our sites are the safest place our people can be outside of their own homes.  We protect our people during the unprecedented landscape of COVID-19 through a myriad of precautionary investments, including:

  • Daily protective personal equipment (PPE) supply to each and every employee
  • On site temperature screening prior to the start of the work day
  • Resource hub of information accessible to employees so they may utilize best practices at home
  • Proactive communications and multi-channel communication tools so employees are in the know
  • Reconfigured workspaces and common areas so all sites may successfully adhere to social distancing
  • Daily decontamination and sanitization procedures at our facilities around the world

Key programs essential to our operations.


An integral part of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is our Hazardous Material & Chemical Communication program. Throughout the lifecycle of a chemical or substance within our facilities, we provide a system to evaluate and communicate accurate identification, storage, handling and personal protective equipment necessary. This ensures we protect employees, the environment and other stakeholders at Plexus facilities from exposure to potentially harmful substances.
Foundational to this program is a prescribed method of assessing risk to understand what control measures are necessary. Chemicals used – from manufacturing to maintenance, design to packaging – must be approved before entering our facilities. We review substances in detail to ensure we can provide adequate measures to keep people safe. Additionally, we restrict the use of some materials that we believe pose an unreasonable risk to our employees or the environment. 
Materials that are approved for use are assigned a unique tracking number in an effort to reduce the volume of chemicals and chemical packaging on-site, aid in accurate assessments of potential impacts and emissions and provide a mechanism for timely identification of environmental aspects and occupational health risks. We are committed to maintaining a continuous focus to ensure that our facilities are safe for our valued employees and our environment.