Our Values

Values are the basis of culture, defining us as a corporation and as individuals.  They guide our decision making, help set clear expectations and create a positive work environment for our employees and customers.  At Plexus, our culture is built upon our core values of customer focus, relationships and teamwork, integrity, open communication and excellence. We search for innovative, high performing individuals who embody these values, enabling project success and setting the bar for customer service.

Our People

At Plexus, people are our most valuable asset. Our employees embody our core values and bring unmatched industry experience, talent and drive to each customer engagement. We employ highly motivated individuals who thrive in our complex and constantly evolving industry. All employees are encouraged to demonstrate leadership in their roles, whether they contribute to a team or lead large parts of the organization.

Watch the video below for an inside look at the challenging, fast-paced and exciting environment within Plexus' Engineering Solutions group.

Customer-Centric Culture

Customer service excellence is central to all processes at Plexus.  We strive to not only meet our customers' expectations, but to exceed them.  We do this by keeping a constant pulse on our own performance and integrating customer feedback to continually improve our services. At Plexus, our employees are passionate about providing the highest level of service to help our customers reach their business goals.

Quality-First Mindset

Our commitment to delivering a high quality product drives everything we do. All employees at Plexus strive toward flawless execution. We've developed rigorous quality and compliance systems to provide our customers a competitive advantage. Our focus on quality extends through our supply chain, where we manage our strategic supplier partnerships to ensure our strict quality standards are met.

Plexus Quality Policy Statement

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We focus on eliminating waste and streamlining efficient processes. We achieve this through an established Lean Sigma culture, with Lean Sigma Champions located across all global locations. We arm our employees with the tools, processes and techniques necessary to drive continual improvement. At every level of our organization, you'll find people making an impact, driving change and creating efficient, cost effective solutions.

On an annual basis, our employees submit their ideas in order to share knowledge and standardize best practices across Plexus. Read about our Plexus B.E.S.T. Competition.