Definition at Every Step

Once a product concept is well vetted, the design phase begins. During the design phase:

Your Project

Plexus is uniquely structured to accelerate the achievement of your product’s time-to-market, feature and cost objectives. Our global workforce spans seven regional design centers, and each location utilizes the same quality system (ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified), standards-based processes and state-of-the-art design and analysis tools. Plexus engineers continually explore the latest technologies and design techniques, while sharing best practices within and across each functional area throughout our organization. Whether we engage with you to support a short-term expansion of your own engineering design bandwidth, or collaborate on a complex turn-key product design, our disciplined approach and structure enables significant project schedule compression via expert 24/7 worksharing across our organization and ensures the delivery of quality solutions that meet your needs.

Projects vary in the amount and complexity of design work required. A medical device, for example, may require full traceability for every design step to comply with the appropriate medical standards, while proof-of-concept designs typically require minimal overhead. Whatever your needs, we adjust our design efforts, quality system and procedural rigor to meet them.

As an innovator in your field, you may be bringing new or evolving technologies to the market from research labs or other markets. Because our design engineers work across various market sectors, they have often seen emerging technologies that may be leveraged to support your product. This may allow you to speed ahead of your competition without investing in in-house expertise, training or extensive testing.

Product Development Engineering

With a team of nearly 500 product development staff with an average of 10 years of experience, Plexus provides the multi-faceted engineering design services you need to quickly bring your product to market. Discover the enormous impact our innovative engineering solutions can make on your product’s revenue growth and profitability.

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