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Harmonic: A long history of collaborative innovation.

Partnering to bring amazing video experiences to the world.

Delivering video in today’s world requires a constant stream of innovation. As complexity increases and technology swiftly advances, Harmonic has trusted Plexus to help keep their product development ahead of the curve. See why they’ve partnered with us for nearly 15 years — and counting.

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Today’s video technology is constantly advancing.

Harmonic is a global provider of video encoding, streaming, storage, playback and cable/edge equipment. In their industry, product cycles are fast — maybe one or two years. As video technology advances, streaming services require more and more bandwidth to support the consumer’s needs. That means new product development is constant — and it needs to happen fast. At the same time, Harmonic is a global company that needs to support equipment at various stages of advancement. As some areas of the world are pushing into higher and higher resolution video, less developed regions still require support for standard definition delivery.

It’s this level of complexity and need for constant innovation that has led Harmonic to trust Plexus as their product realization partner since 2003.

Harmonic’s relationship with Plexus began in 2003 and is still going strong, far outlasting the average length of customer relationships in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Growing the relationship.

When Harmonic first became a Plexus customer, they were familiar with Plexus’ reputation for dependability. They knew we do what we say, and they were confident in our ability to meet the demands of their industry.

Since then, Plexus has been providing global product solutions for Harmonic, supported by sites across the world. The relationship began with New Product Introduction and Manufacturing. Over the years it has grown to include all aspects of our product realization value stream — process and test engineering for product development, global Supply Chain Solutions, Aftermarket Services to support Harmonic’s products in the field, and direct order fulfillment.

Hitting a collaborative stride.

For Harmonic to stay at the forefront of their industry, they need a partner they can rely on. Constant innovation and quick product development is imperative in a market that changes so quickly. They also need the highest level of technical expertise. As video compression improves, and bandwidth needs increase, the technology becomes more and more complex. Harmonic needs a partner with the engineering, manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to bring those complex products to the market quickly and with the highest quality.

With Plexus, they get all of those qualities. And it comes packaged in a relationship that provides an unprecedented level of collaboration. When Harmonic wishes to develop a new product, they have a direct connection with our engineering team. They’ll work closely with our Design and Development team on-site at our Penang Design Center. The Plexus and Harmonic teams will then work side-by-side to design and engineer the product. This level of integration allows us to fully understand Harmonic’s needs and tackle the most complex product development challenges at a single time with the same set of goals.

After years of collaborating in this way, our teams have built a strong relationship that keeps product development running smoothly, reducing any issues or delays. In fact, our engineering team knows Harmonic, their product needs and the needs of their customers as well as Harmonic does. Which means we can be more than a partner — we can help recognize opportunities and proactively solve problems for next-generation product development.

We can be more than a partner — we can help recognize opportunities and proactively solve problems for next-generation product development.

Continuing the innovation.

To date, Plexus has shipped more than $1 billion in products for Harmonic. The relationship that began in 2003 has far outlasted the length of most relationships in our industry. It’s a testament to the high degree of confidence Harmonic places in Plexus to deliver on their needs. They’ve trusted us to move their business to the Penang-Islandview facility and navigate geographical challenges in communicating between our team and their Israel-based engineering team. They’ve trusted us to ship products directly to their end customers. And most of all, they continue to rely on Plexus as a long-term partner to help them bring amazing video experiences to the world.

Harmonic presented the Supplier of the Year award to recognize Plexus for superior service and responsiveness in product fulfillment.

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