Improving our industry with the Responsible Business Alliance.

RBA membership involves more than a recommended code of conduct for the electronics industry. At Plexus, we see our membership as an opportunity to learn about and take action against business practices that threaten the prosperity of our team members, business, communities and environment. We implement these standards in all of our facilities around the world to ensure our workers are treated with respect and dignity, and our business operations are conducted in a responsible, ethical manner.

We monitor our organization’s compliance with social standards and our Code of Conduct throughout the year. An internal council of functional leaders from across the company assess risks in the areas of labor, EH&S, ethical practices, product compliance and supply chain using Plexus’ enterprise risk management process. In addition, our manufacturing sites complete extensive assessments of their site labor, EH&S, ethics and site social responsibility management systems. The assessments are posted on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) online platform for transparency to the RBA and our customers. We additionally require that our major suppliers complete the RBA social responsibility assessment each year, and through the online platform we monitor supplier conformance. We perform internal desktop audits and onsite audits based on risks identified in assessments. Every year at least one validated third-party audit is conducted of our manufacturing sites to validate conformance to the RBA principles and requirements.
Information gathered through this assessment and auditing activity is analyzed by our functional and executive leaders in order to set annual performance improvement objectives for each functional area of labor, ethics, EH&S, product compliance and supply chain management. Our Board of Directors also receives the results of such audits and assessments and regularly monitors our compliance, ethics and social responsibility program.

Our efforts to combat unethical recruiting.

We take an active role in the Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA) working groups focused on combatting forced labor, human trafficking and unethical recruiting practices. In 2017, Plexus was honored to be one of 14 RBA members to pilot a program that sought to reduce unethical recruiting practices in Malaysia and Nepal. Staff members from three Plexus recruiting agencies participated in ethical recruiting training and completed a variety of screenings, assessments and recruiting commitments.

Migrant workers face many challenges in supply chains around the world. Watch the RBA Foundation’s Journey of a Worker video preview and learn how the Responsible Workplace and Recruitment Programs are making a difference.