What to look for when choosing a contract manufacturer

Guidelines warehouse automation OEMs can use to find the best partner

Getting products to market fast can make or break your ability to serve your customers. If you’re lacking the manufacturing space, looking to scale operations quickly or generally not sure what the best next steps are, a partnership with a contract manufacturer is probably something being considered. But, what are the key parameters and considerations you should dig into? Use this helpful guide to evaluate options when looking for a partner.

Plexus as a partner

With more than 40 years in the highly complex electromechanical design and manufacturing space, Plexus brings together all of the highlighted elements to provide you with top-tier manufacturing services. We’ll use our proven expertise in the warehouse automation industry to help meet and exceed your goals so you can continue bringing your innovative solutions to life. So, wherever you are in your product development journey, Plexus is ready to help create the products that meet your customers’ demands, now and in the future.

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