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Why choose Plexus?

You need a product realization partner you can count on.

At Plexus, we’ve built our company on a promise to be the best, most reliable partner you can find in this industry. That’s why we bring our values to the table in every customer relationship. We’re committed to working with the highest integrity. We value strong customer relationships, teamwork and open communication. Our team finds inspiration in solving your toughest product challenges, and we nurture a culture that drives above-and-beyond excellence in everything we do.

You’re creating technologies and innovations that make a profound impact in people’s lives. We’re excited to help you bring them to the world.


Your collaborative partner.

Our process allows collaboration and transparency like you’ve never seen in this industry. We’ll work side-by-side with you as an extension of your own team. Because we believe that immersing ourselves in your world is the best way to deliver a product that hits the market on time, meets your budget and delivers unmatched quality to your end-users.


Customer-first mentality.

Our customers — and your customers — are the reason we exist. That’s why we’re dedicated to being exactly what you need us to be. A trusted partner. A team you can rely on. Our process and our whole culture revolve around providing Customer Service Excellence—understanding your needs, working with you to meet them, and doing what we’ve promised to do. Every time.


Agility and flexibility.

We’ve designed our company and our process to allow us to be more responsive. More collaborative. We’re agile enough to pivot when you need to and evolve as your market does. Yet we span the globe, with more than 19,000 team members, and the worldwide engineering, manufacturing, service and supply chain capabilities to get your product wherever it needs to be.


Our engineering culture.

Plexus was built on engineering. It’s a heritage of problem-solving that extends throughout everything we do. The more complex the challenge, the more it inspires and motivates us to create innovative solutions for our customers. We’ve designed our process to weave that problem-solving mentality into every phase of your product’s lifecycle.


Focus on key markets.

We’ve strategically chosen to work in industries that require highly complex product solutions, often with the most demanding regulations. That’s the kind of work we excel at—and we’ve aligned our whole organization to drive efficient, superior-quality product realization solutions in those markets.


Product realization value stream.

Product realization is complex. That’s why we’ve brought all phases of the process into one seamless workflow. We integrate engineering, manufacturing, service and supply chain from the start, so we can tackle the toughest challenges early on. It’s how we create the most innovative and efficient path to get your product to market—and get it right the first time.

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