Caring for our team. Supporting communities. Doing business responsibly. Supporting the circular economy. Improving our world.

Our five pillars of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Plexus Corp. has established an ESG program defined by five pillars that reinforce our vision to build a better world by being a responsible employer, a community partner, a global citizen, an industry steward and a promoter of corporate governance.

Industry steward

Industry steward

We take an active role in industry coalitions focused on reducing impacts to the environment, maintaining strong ethical practices and establishing safe and healthful working conditions around the world.  We train our supply chain on social initiatives and we collaborate with customers to advance sustainability efforts.

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Responsible employer

Responsible employer

We advocate for diversity, combat human trafficking, encourage and provide employee development, ensure safe and healthful working conditions, foster work/life balance, encourage wellness initiatives and reinforce our values in our culture.

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Community partner

Community partner

We promote and financially contribute to programs involving science, technology and education, as well as causes that make a meaningful impact to the communities in which we operate.  We encourage volunteerism and we partner with our community to promote local business.

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Global citizen

Global citizen

We actively work to reduce waste, water use and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and we work with our suppliers to develop similar programs.  We partner with customers to help design more efficient and environmentally friendly products.

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Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Strong leadership and a culture of accountability is foundational at Plexus. Our executive management, in collaboration with our Board of Directors, competently and ethically manage Plexus’ operations for the long-term benefit of shareholders.

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Our commitment to create a better world.

Consistent with our vision to help create the products that build a better world, we are committed to building a better world by the way we operate. Plexus’ ESG program strives to build strong communities, develop our team members in an inclusive and diverse culture, protect our environment, embrace strong governance practices and set similar expectations on our partners. We recognize that by improving outcomes for society and all of our stakeholders, we maximize our ability to achieve our strategic objectives and deliver long-term value for our shareholders. We have demonstrated this commitment since our founding in 1979; it is authentic and core to our culture and long-term success.

A Plexus leadership committee chaired by our Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), which includes membership of our CEO, CFO and COO, governs our ESG program. Our Board of Directors is also highly engaged in our ESG efforts and strategy. The Governance and Sustainability Committee of the board oversees the effectiveness of our ESG program, including ESG policies and initiatives, sustainability reporting and trends that could impact the Company’s business operations, performance, reputation and sustainable growth. In addition, our Compensation and Leadership Development Committee oversees our human capital strategy, including diversity and inclusion efforts and global compensation policies and philosophies, while our Audit Committee oversees the effectiveness of our internal controls over reporting, our whistle-blower reporting program and management and governance of information technology.

In addition to our ESG governance, we are accustomed to establishing non-financial goals that are important to position Plexus for sustainable long-term success. The Compensation and Leadership Development Committee works with Plexus management to identify these goals that often comprise objectives under our short-term incentive compensation plan. In Fiscal Year 2022, for example, objectives under our executive short-term incentive plan include a 5% energy reduction target across all manufacturing sites, expansion of our Employee Resource Groups, which help to foster an inclusive workplace, as well as continued enhancements and testing of our cybersecurity incident response plan.

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Industry steward

Actively protecting what’s important and strengthening our industry.

Ensuring a higher standard of business practices.

Plexus is a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA®) because we believe it’s our responsibility to take an active role in safeguarding our communities, our team members and our long-term business success. Every day is another opportunity for us to ask, “What can we do today for an even better tomorrow?” It’s a chance to empower every teammate to do what’s right and protect the well-being of the environment, our business and those around us.

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Ensuring our principles are upheld across our supply chain.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is distributed and made available to all suppliers. In this Code, we share our expectations for suppliers to read and conform to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. The standards established in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labor Standards, and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Plexus asks our suppliers to join us in our efforts in aligning to responsible business practices by registering with the RBA. We additionally require our major suppliers to complete the RBA social responsibility assessment each year and, through the online platform, we monitor supplier conformance and work with our suppliers on any areas of concern.

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Responsible employer

Doing business the responsible way.

We're driven by fairness, honesty and ethical business. With zero tolerance for corruption and dishonest business practices, we’re accountable for getting things done the right way. Excellence only flourishes when we hold ourselves to higher standards in every interaction with customers, suppliers and our team members. Our Values and Leadership Behaviors support our culture of accountability by defining how we will conduct ourselves. As a proud member of the Responsible Business Alliance, we are part of a global coalition dedicated to improving the working conditions throughout our global supply chain through initiatives focused on the well-being, promotion and rights of workers.

We regularly dedicate time and resources to ensure that our company is aligned with anti-corruption laws in all jurisdictions. We assess compliance and social risks associated with each individual role, and we continue to educate employees at all levels of the organization about the importance of avoiding unfair business practices, complying with fair competition laws and other critical regulatory, social and ethics topics. Training completion is tracked in the company’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Social Responsibility Policy

Plexus Code of Conduct

Plexus Code of Conduct

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

UK Modern Slavery Act

UK Modern Slavery Act

Engaging our team members to build a better Plexus.

We value our employees and strive to provide a healthy, safe and fulfilling work experience. Through our annual employee survey process, we are able to assess employee satisfaction, identify improvement opportunities and leverage suggestions from team members. Formal initiatives are generated based on the feedback we receive, both at an enterprise and site level.

Our Ethics Hotline is always open.

Anonymous reporting via phone, web or postal service through an independent vendor is available 24/7/365 and in over 200 languages. Our employees, business partners and other stakeholders may use this tool to report suspected or observed violations of our policies or legal requirements.

We demand the highest standard of ethical behavior and personal integrity from our own employees, guided by the Plexus Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. We extend the same expectations to our business partners.

Report an issue.

For telephone reporting (toll free):

Report an ethics concern via telephone.

China (South)  |  10-811 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
China (North)  |  108-888 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
China (all regions)  |  4008801483 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711) **Local and national telephone rates apply.
Malaysia  |  1-800-80-0011 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
Mexico  |  01-800 288-2872 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
Germany  |  0-800-225-5288 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
Romania  |  0808-03-4288 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
United Kingdom  |  0-800-89-0011 (after prompt, dial 888-873-3711)
United States  |  1-888-873-3711
For web reporting:

Report an ethics concern via the web.

In the U.S.:

Outside the U.S.:
PO Box

Report an ethics concern via mail.

Mail your concerns to:
Director of Internal Audit
PO Box 304
Neenah, WI USA 54957-0304
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Committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

With a foundation built on equal opportunity, diversity and respect, we’re committed to maintaining a professional work environment free of all forms of harassment and discrimination. We believe that through our collective uniqueness we achieve great things.  We encourage all our employees, customers and neighbors to simply BE YOU! 

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Empowering employees to reach their full potential.

Plexus is only successful when each of our teammates succeed. At any level, and in any role, we believe each of us are leaders who have the potential to make a difference and behave in a way that inspires others to do their best work. We offer a variety of opportunities, programs and resources for our teammates so they can unlock their potential, explore areas of interest and have the opportunity to grow. We are passionate about investing in each of our teammates.

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Protecting the well-being of our people.

Well-being fuels inspiration, sparks creativity and drives adeptness. Whether in our manufacturing facilities or our design centers, we understand that a healthier, safer work environment fosters a happier, more dedicated workforce. And that means good things for our employees, families and communities around the world.

Our dedicated and talented team members are the cornerstone of everything we do and achieve at Plexus. We support a holistic approach to employee well-being through healthy-living education and coaching and by sponsoring wellness initiatives. We understand that protecting and caring about the wellness of our people means ensuring they can also be well outside of our facilities.

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Community partner

Working together to care for the communities we call home.

Plexus looks to share with our communities as we prosper. Each year, we contribute to non-profit causes in our communities and encourage employee volunteerism. Helping to improve the places where we do business has a positive impact on everything we do. It supports a continuous cycle of well-being that doesn't begin or end at our facilities.
We give to local charities that enhance innovation, promote technology-related educational programs (STEM) and preserve the quality of life in communities in which our teammates reside – what’s important to our teammates is important to us.  Through monetary donations and the promotion of volunteerism, the Plexus Charitable Foundation gives us all a chance to work together to achieve something better.

 Our Focus on Charitable Giving

Global citizen

Global citizen

Committed to making a positive impact in the world.

As a global organization, we understand the far-reaching impact we have on our planet and its inhabitants. Each of our facilities can directly influence the communities in which we operate. The suppliers we partner with expand our scope of influence. As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance, we collaborate with other leading global electronics companies to create sustainable business practices that protect our workers and our environment. We’re all in this together, which is why we make sure we act as a good neighbor.

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We’re driven to uphold and improve human rights.

At Plexus, we’re dedicated to preserving and protecting human rights across the globe. All team members receive training through our Code of Conduct, and positions, such as commodity managers, receive additional training so they are equipped to identify possible concerns within the supply chain.

We extend our Code of Conduct expectations to our vendors, suppliers, service providers and other business partners to ensure they maintain the same high ethical standards for human rights. We conduct human rights training several times a year for our suppliers, and our supplier evaluation and qualification process helps us determine whether new and existing suppliers meet our criteria to become or remain a Plexus business partner.

Human Rights Policy

It matters where our minerals come from.

We make every effort to responsibly source materials throughout our global supply chain. We will not knowingly use minerals from corrupt origins to ensure that the only impact we’re making in people’s lives is a positive one. We hold our business partners accountable for the responsible sourcing of materials so as not to support corrupt or unfair treatment of people in the mining of minerals.


Innovation depends on a sustainable future.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to address the challenges our global community faces. From our operations to the influence over our supply chain, we hold ourselves accountable to safeguard our environment – for the sake of brighter ideas and a better tomorrow.


Adopting a global management system.

We leverage a globally-recognized environmental management system to guide and monitor our progress. This framework helps us identify areas of risk and cost exposure at each unique location, allowing us to set site-specific objectives and targets to mitigate those risks. Through ISO 14001, we are able to verify our processes to validate their compliance to applicable laws, regulations and other requirements. That is why we are proud that all of our electronics manufacturing facilities globally are certified to ISO 14001.

Regular reviews of our sustainability program allow for timely adjustments to our overall sustainability strategy and align our goals and progress with the current business environment, long-term direction and emerging concerns of the company and its stakeholders.

Plexus Environmental, Health & Safety Policy Statement