Doing our part to operate sustainably.

As a part of Plexus’ strategy to achieve optimal resource efficiency, we continually review risks that impact the environment, our operational costs, the markets we serve and the evolving regulatory requirements to which we are subject. Our enterprise-level sustainability objectives include commitments to:

  • Decrease energy and resource consumption
  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserve water
  • Reduce waste through efficiencies and reuse efforts
  • Reduce and properly manage regulated wastes

Doing our part to address climate change.

Our objective is to implement decarbonization measures in support of international climate initiatives through innovation, efficiency improvements, renewable energy, material reductions and other carbon emission elimination strategies.

In our Fiscal 2022, we are investing over $1.2 million in energy-saving enhancements such as smart LED lighting enhancements as well as installing energy sub-metering technology throughout our global manufacturing facilities in order to better target our most impactful energy reduction opportunities. We have additionally set a 5% energy reduction target across all of our manufacturing sites. To drive accountability to meet this goal, energy reduction is an objective under our Fiscal 2022 executive short-term incentive compensation program. To drive and reward achievement of our environmental goals throughout our operations, our annual global BEST (Bringing Employee Success Together) Competition recognizes team member innovations that reduce our impact on the environment. In Fiscal 2021, our Kelso, Scotland manufacturing facility, which is ISO 50001 certified, won our global BEST (Bringing Employee Success Together) Competition by reducing site energy usage by 20%.


Minimizing the waste we produce.

Plexus strives to reduce waste through a variety of processes, from minimizing waste production and increasing the diversion rate of waste-to-landfill to working with suppliers and customers to develop reusable packaging and expanding value-added recycling programs.

We comply with regulations concerning the storage, transport and treatment of regulated waste materials. As an electronics manufacturer, we especially understand our responsibility to follow international guidelines for disposing electronic waste (E-Waste).

Waste reduction efforts include: