Where unreachable answers come within reach.

Collaborative product development for complex high-performance computing technologies.

Every second of every day, we’re generating and collecting more data than ever before. Analyzing that wealth of information can be the key to unlocking answers to some of the world’s most challenging questions. From artificial intelligence, data analytics and security, to advanced modeling and simulation — your innovations in high-performance computing are making a revolutionary impact in our lives. At Plexus, we’re excited about what your products can accomplish in the world — and we have the experience, processes and global resources to help you make them possible.

Your steady partner in the quickly evolving world of computing technology.

When you work with Plexus, we’ll be a truly collaborative partner. No matter where you are in your product’s lifecycle — from concept to manufacturing to aftermarket support — we’ll work side by side with you to help bring your customer's complex computing products that are enabling advanced problem solving now and in the future. Our process is designed for the agility your industry demands, along with the global resources to take your most complex products from concept to market quickly, cost-effectively and with the highest quality.

Experience and Expertise

High-Performance Computing market experience.

Experience in the High-Performance Computing market include:

  • Data analytics
  • Data security
  • Complex modeling and simulation
  • Extreme scale data analytic systems
  • Government applications
  • Academic research
  • Financial transaction management
  • Energy exploration
Engineering expertise.

A broad range of Engineering expertise and capabilities, including:

  • System architecture development
    • Scalable, low latency, high bandwidth systems
  • New technology development
    • Ideation, R&D, feasibility
  • Custom high speed, high density FPGA based computing solutions:
    • FPGA design and verification
      • Intel: Stratix10, Arria10, StratixV
      • Xilinx: Virtex Ultrascale+, Virtex Ultrascale, Kintex7, Artix7, Zynq SoC
      • Core clock speeds: 400MHz
      • SERDES speeds: >25Gbps
  • Memory interfaces
    • DDR4
    • Synchronous SRAM (QDR-II+, QDR-IV)
    • HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube)
  • Interconnects
    • Custom low latency, high bandwidth networks
    • High speed serial
      • Copper and optical
    • Multi-Gigabit LVDS interfaces
    • PCIe Gen3
  • Signal integrity and power integrity analysis
  • Embedded software development
    • x86, ARM
  • Operating systems
    • Linux
  • Custom device driver development
  • OpenCL
  • High density system level and PCBA thermal analysis
  • Custom cooling solutions at system and PCBA level
  • Rack and chassis design
  • Reliability planning and testing
  • Enhanced design for excellence (DFX)
  • In-circuit, PCBA and system-level diagnostic test solutions
Manufacturing expertise.

A wide range of manufacturing expertise:

  • Complex cooling systems
  • Complex system-level assembly and test (HALT, HASS)
  • Rapid prototype
  • Dedicated turnkey new product introduction support
  • Aftermarket Services solutions
    • Upgrade
    • Repair
  • Configure to order (CTO)
  • Direct order fulfillment (DOF)
  • Flexible inventory modeling
  • Complex PCBA
  • Failure analysis lab
    • SEM
    • Cross sectioning
  • Market-focused Supply Chain Solutions

Regulatory expertise and compliance.

You depend on the quality and reliability of your products to strengthen your brand and your competitive position in the market. That’s why we continually invest in the regulatory and industry knowledge to ensure that your product is done right the first time. Every time.
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • CE Mark
  • TL 9000
Program Memberships:
  • Intel® FPGA Design Solutions Network
  • Xilinx Alliance Program
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