Caring for the communities we call home.

Working together for a stronger community.

Helping to improve the communities where we do business has a positive impact on everything we do. It supports a continuous cycle of well-being that neither begins nor ends at our facilities.

Giving to local charities, enhancing technology-related educational programs (STEM), improving green spaces—what’s important to our employees is important to us. And it gives us all a chance to work together to achieve something better.

Plexus engineers in Malaysia collaborated with university students to create the “PlexWheel,” an intelligent wheelchair prototype that uses wireless gesture recognition software.

Winning team members of a Plexus continuous improvement competition selected a local animal shelter to receive a monetary contribution.

Plexus employees assembled bicycles that were donated to a local Boys and Girls’ Brigade, an organization that helps youth acquire skills such as teamwork, creativity, responsibility and self-direction.