Little boy laying in grass, smiling and holding an origami bird made of paper Little boy laying in grass, smiling and holding an origami bird made of paper

There’s excellence behind every design.

Doing business the right way, every day.

Success is what drives our work every day. It’s the determination shining a light on every bright idea, guiding it through production and beyond. But excellence demonstrates who we are and how we achieve that success.

Driven by fairness, honesty and ethical business.

With zero tolerance for corruption and dishonest business practices, we’re accountable for getting things done the right way. Excellence only flourishes when we hold ourselves to higher standards in every interaction with customers, suppliers and our team members.

Our excellence, effectiveness and reputation wholly depend on fair, honest, ethical and lawful business practices. Corruption only hinders our success and casts shadows over our partnerships and our industry. We regularly dedicate time and resources to ensure that our company is aligned with anti-corruption laws in all jurisdictions. We also continue to educate employees at all levels about the importance of avoiding unfair business practices and complying with fair competition laws.

Our Ethics Hotline is always open.

Anonymous reporting via phone or web through an independent vendor is available 24/7/365 and in over 200 languages.

Our global Ethics Hotline is a tool that employees, business partners, representatives and other stakeholders may use to report suspected or observed violations of our policies or legal requirements. The third-party hotline provider accepts, verifies and logs all calls received. We investigate reports received through the hotline. Prompt and appropriate corrective action is taken when warranted.

Committed to respect, diversity and ethical employment.

New ideas come to us from all around. Innovation and success take flight from that same possibility. At Plexus, equal opportunity means cultivating diverse ideas and excellence throughout our business.

From Malaysia to Mexico to the United States and beyond, it is our responsibility to uphold the labor and human rights of our colleagues in every Plexus location worldwide. The Plexus Code of Conduct and Business Ethics demands the highest standards of ethical behavior and personal integrity from our own employees, and extends the same expectations to our business partners.

Starting from the foundation of equal opportunity, diversity and respect, we’re committed to maintaining a professional work environment free of all forms of harassment and discrimination. Plexus strives to comply with all applicable employment laws and regulations, including all laws regarding wages, overtime hours, time off and benefits. And we do not employ child or forced labor, even if allowed by local laws.

Protecting the well-being of our people.

Well-being fuels inspiration, sparks creativity and drives adeptness. It gives all of us the ability to do great things at work, in our communities and in our lives. Whether in our manufacturing plants or in our design centers, we understand a healthier, safer work environment fosters a happier, more dedicated workforce. And that means good things for the employees, families and communities impacted by our operations around the world.

Our dedicated and talented employees are the cornerstones of everything we do and achieve at Plexus. Their health and well-being is of the utmost importance for our continued success.