Little boy looking up and smiling Little boy looking up and smiling

Upholding what makes our innovations come to life.

Caring for employees. Supporting communities. Doing business responsibly.

We’re hard-wired to wonder. It’s what compels us to create and to make things better. But that’s only the beginning of the story. Wonder alone can’t safeguard workers’ rights in our factories or interrupt the distribution of minerals from corrupt sources. So we take all of our curiosity and channel it into making a more promising tomorrow. Because there’s so much for all of us to gain when we treasure everything that helps us turn bright ideas into breakthroughs every day.

One global team, committed to making a difference.

All of our safety measures, fair labor practices and compliance evaluations would hold little meaning without the dedication of every employee at every Plexus location worldwide. Decisions we make and actions we take every day are in the best interests of employees and shareholders, as well as the communities where we do business and the environment around us. From leadership through employees at all levels, we strive to create respectful, safe and healthy work environments and communities that help foster success.